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How can Sorted help?

Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. From young families just starting out, to seniors in need of assistance, to everyone in between, our mission is to help our clients find the best solution for their individual needs. Whatever stage of life you're in, you don't have to do it alone. Let us help you sort it all out. 



Sorted works with clients during the decluttering process to determine what they want to keep and what they want to re-home. After decluttering, we can organize for clients who simply want it done for them and can also coach and work with those who wish to learn how to do it themselves. We troubleshoot what you feel are problem areas, come up with a plan to make the space work more effectively and then rearrange accordingly.

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Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller place or simply looking to “age in place” more gracefully in your current home, Sorted can compassionately help clients through what can be a challenging decluttering process,  ultimately making it easier on loved ones after they're gone.

Decluttering is one of the first things that needs to be done before showing a home. Prospective buyers need to see past all your things so they can envision themselves living there.  

A staged home sells for 17% more on average than a non-staged home. According to the National Association of Retailers, for every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400! Sorted can help declutter and stage your home for sale.

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Tidying Storage




Introductory phone consultation followed by initial 30 minute in-home meeting.


In-Person Decluttering & Organizing.*

*2.5 hour minimum


Madelyn, thank you so much for the quick refresh of my cabinets! You made it fun and I learned so much from you! I have struggled to stay organized for my entire life, until you worked with me to find my personal organizational style. I have maintained the organization of my cabinets for an unheard of 4 months, and actually applied what I learned from you to other locations in my house!
So, while this tidy-up has helped immensely with my day-to-day, it is the time you took to ask questions and find my personal organizational style that has resulted in the greatest transformation and will continue to do so going forward. You are an exceptional organizer who clearly loves her work. But it is your commitment to teaching your clients how to MAINTAIN the organization using their personal style and natural proclivities that truly sets you apart. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


It’s amazing what I accomplished with the guidance of Madelyn in such a short time. I’m a very busy professional with three active children, and am guilty of putting off organizing my space for a long time. Madelyn helped me turn a chaotic built-in hutch into a family command center. My 9-year-old instantly knew where to find and return items. Madelyn also completely overhauled my pantry space and made it more cook-friendly for
multiple users of different heights and food preferences.
During this process she coached me with specific strategies to enhance my ability to
continue improving my spaces; while keeping the existing accomplishments neat and organized. Madelyn also offers aftercare to make my life easier by motivating me to stay on track while understanding that sometimes life gets in the way. I highly recommend putting the shame
aside and giving Madelyn a call! You can dive into the piles of disaster together without fear.
She does NOT judge; she challenges and inspires.


I can’t recommend Maddie highly enough! She took 40+/- years of every art/craft/tool/household “stuff” you can think of, helped me purge in a thoughtful and kind manner, and sorted it in less time than I would have thought possible! It took several visits but she was SOOO worth every penny. She quickly identified my personal organizing style and after 6 months I’m still organized!! It’s almost a joy to put stuff away because now it has a place to go that is easy to remember AND easy to get to since I’m not stepping over boxes and piles of random items. She’s a very delightful and caring person!!

Meet Madelyn!

Owner & Certified Organizational Specialist

Organizing is something I’ve always been enthusiastic and passionate about, and I always happily shared my gift with friends and family. Although I had no formal training, I was the person everyone called when they needed areas of their home to run more smoothly.


In 2012, my mom gave me a membership to the National Association of Productivity & Organizing for Christmas to support my dream of becoming a professional organizer. Two days later, she was badly injured in a car accident and diagnosed with Alzheimer's shortly thereafter. 


I put my life and career plans on hold to care for her 24/7 at home. By the summer of 2017, I was decluttering and packing our own home for a move from Central Virginia to the foothills of North Carolina. After my mom passed away, I experienced firsthand how heartbreaking and difficult it can be to clear an estate and stage a family home for sale.


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In 2019, I began working as a professional organizer with a growing local company where I was able to hone my natural gifts and learn how to work with people other than friends and family. Almost a full decade after my mom’s unfulfilled Christmas gift to me, I became a Certified Organizational Specialist and I started my own business so I could help even more people.  


One thing that I’ve learned from my experiences is that forward movement, no matter how small, is to be celebrated! As a result, whether working with clients in-person or virtually, I always encourage progress, not perfection.

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